Light To The Impoverished

Who are we and what we do?

Senior Band
  • Delight Youth Brass Band is a social community project that was started with the aim of helping disadvantaged and the at-risk youth and children whose life and future seem to be losing hope and meaning. To rebuild and restore them for a better life, and also  to reconcile  street children  with their families, because as an Organisation  we  believe in a second chance. All this is done through identifying  different talents in music, art and crafts, vocational skills, film acting, agriculture and also engaging them in guidance and counselling. 
Girls Band Section

Sponsor a child

Helping a child is like saving a nation  which can only be done through providing the necessary requirements for the child’s education. One may perceive  sponsoring one street child as a loss not knowing what he/she is investing in the future. We as an Organisation cannot stand alone. We need sponsorship partners to stand with us.

Our Junior Brass Band group

We make a living with what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Every person will live and leave a legacy. Perhaps yours will be “Helping the destitute homeless class of children”. Your time ideas, connections, and resources can all be used to save more innocent lives via delight foundation Africa. Even just a cup of coffee is helpful to transform lives. Skip that cup of coffee today and donate.

Thank you for choosing Us

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