Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Helping a child is like saving a nation  which can only be done through providing the necessary requirements for the child’s education. One may perceive  sponsoring one street child as a loss not knowing what he/she is investing in the future. We as an organisation cannot stand alone. We need sponsorship partners to stand with us. You can’t just  select children to sponsor at random, so we channel the efforts to find sponsors for our children through our youth music program.

In Uganda many families are extended therefore many of them have the problem of meeting the education needs of their children.  Due to this some resort to bad peer groups and smoking opium and sexual immorality, fortunately due to the project’s music program many children have  got into the project and a percentage being sponsored through the money played on the gigs and other  events and staff funds. Our organisation tries its  best to help children either complete their studies and support them through further education. However, the challenge is that college or vocational courses are usually more expensive than normal school fees. We have made a big  impact to so many children through this sponsorship program.

We are calling upon   people to  help with  the support of school children or students who want to go on to primary, secondary, university or vocational training and those who want to become musicians. The project has a number of children who also only want to be cared for. It makes such a difference to so many children in Uganda. Most of  our sponsored children  are orphans ,street children and vulnerable groups of children.  The majority are fighting hard  to complete their education with a challenge of inadequate finances  for school fees,tuition, scholastic materials , uniforms and footware/shoes.

We shall be grateful for anyone who will stand with us to eradicate the number of street children in Uganda through this sponsorship program.

 Anyone interested in sponsoring a needy child, orphan or street child  in this youth sponsorship program  at $20 a month for a child at school or $30 a month for a child in higher  education please contact us.