Instrument Donation

Instrument Donation

            Donate Musical instruments

Our brass  instruments are very few in number. You find that one instrument is shared with more than five players and that most of our instruments are very old and out of tune.

There are people with more than one instrument  around the world.  We share one instrument  with more than five people.

When you donate one instrument or more than one instrument there is hope that more members are recruited and are given the opportunity to play musical instruments.

How you can help us in solving the problems of shortage of instruments and old, out of tune, scrap  instruments?

You can help us by collecting  instruments from any institute, organisation, Band associations, music stores and churches then ship them to us via DHL to our  postal address.

You can send money to pay for the repair cost of the number of instruments  you have chosen to repair.  

An individual  can also donate his or her instrument/instruments to us .

Forming groups to raise funds for us to buy instruments

Sending missing parts of instruments such as mouth pieces for  trombones.